Greetings from the Hope House Parents

Here at the Hope House there is never a quiet moment, that is unless everyone is asleep! Since beginning here in May we have had about a dozen children in and out of the home. At this time we have six children in the home. Their ages range from 5 to 15. Even with the busy schedule and never-ending changes it is our goal to always be a FAMILY first.

We have a 7 year old of our own and have learned not to change our lives for the new children. It has been much easier for everyone for us to help them adjust and learn our family ways. It includes taking on responsibilities such as age appropriate chores, keeping their rooms clean, and cleaning up after themselves. It is a joy and at times a challenge for us to help these children settle down and assume a normal household schedule and routine especially since most of them have poor sleep, discipline, education and nutritional habits.

We believe some of the most important things that we have to offer the children who come into the home are unconditional love, acceptance, structure, boundaries, and consequences for one’s actions. The best thing about being a parent here at the Hope House is to see these very special children begin to laugh, smile, and overcome the obstacles that have kept them from the joy and success that every child should be able to experience.

It is our pleasure and joy to be the parents here at Hope House. We want to say Thank You to the Hope House Board, the Rotary Club of Jasper, and the community for their continuing support for the children who come to stay in the home and for making our family a part of yours.

-Patrick and Amanda Klock