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Hope House of North Georgia, a temporary foster care home for local children, held their annual meeting at a recent Rotary Club of Jasper meeting. The Rotary Club was the sponsoring entity when Home House was envisioned and then built with support from the entire community.
Jim Milton was elected president; Ardis McCain as vice-president; Cleve Boutwell as secretary and Pat Thuman as treasurer. Don Martin, Rotary immediate past president, was elected as a new director of Hope House and Mary Beth Burnette, Denise Duncan and Andy Hartman were re-elected for another term.

(Left to right: Ardis McCain-Vice President, Cleve Boutwell-Secretary, Jim Milton-President, Pat Thuman-Treasurer)


Directors by position are Robert Jones, Pickens County sole commissioner and John Weaver, mayor of Jasper.

Robert Jones presented a Hope House of North Georgia certificate of appreciation to Jim Milton for his 11 years of service as President of Hope House.

President Milton said that the Hope House family is very grateful to the community that has given financial and moral support to Hope House and their mission to help children in their time of need.

Financial gifts or requests for information may be sent to Hope House, P.O. Box 651, Jasper, GA 30143.  The Hope House website is www.hopehouseofnorthgeorgia.com

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